Horseback riding is the only sport where you and animal get together.
Let your body and mind be healed by getting a rapport with horses at Bonanza Riding where you are surrounded by beautiful nature!

Bonanza riding is a homey ranch, I guarantee that you will enjoy horseback riding whether you are alone or with family or a group.

One time in my life, I got really attracted by riding horses, since then it has been my dream to have my own ranch. I worked at several ranches in Japan, and in the USA for more experience. Finally I started my own ranch, Aso Uma Bokujo at Aso city.

And in spring of 2019, I got an opportunity to have another ranch,Bonanza Riding at Star Hill of Resonate Club Kuju, which is inside of Aso-Kuju national park filled with great nature.

Horseback riding gives you a full of experience. Higher eye sight than usual life, footfalls of horse running, sound of the wind cutting through your ear, vibration as you feel every step the horse takes…and so on. Horseback riding will take you out from boring daily life.

I would like the people who have never ridden horses to know how wonderful horseback riding is, and I hope your experience at my ranch will be a step towards you riding horses.

Let’s have a ride with me!

Bonanza Riding Manager/ Dan